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FCC 70 80 90 GHz Link Registration

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Query Help

Query results include all links, whether or not they were originally registered with Micronet. This is accomplished through semi real time data transfers with the other 70-90 GHz database managers.

You can perform one of the following search types:

Basic Search – First, select a field to search on: link registration number, Call Sign, FRN or Company Name. Next, enter one or more characters that begin the field you are looking for. You can optionally select ‘exact matches only’. This search is not case sensitive.

Coordinate Search – Will find any links with an end point that is within the radius of the coordinates you enter. You can optionally specify a frequency range to further limit the results of the radius search.

Registration Date – Finds all the links that were registered between the two dates you specify.

Deleted Links – Returns all registered and pending links that were deleted between the two dates you specify. The search results will include registered as well as pending registrations.

Note that both registered and pending links have first in time interference protection. Results will not include draft links. (Draft links are links that a user has not yet submitted for registration).

Deleted links are only shown in the results of the ‘Deleted Links’ search.

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