FCC License Tracking & Management

As part of Frequency Protection Service we provide access to the license and coordination data for your entire system in one location.

  • Track your paths through the coordination and licensing process
    • Status Warnings for PCNs, Applications and Licenses
    • PCN record highlighted 1 month prior to expiration
    • Application record highlighted if application is returned
    • Application record highlighted if FCC fees have not been paid
    • License expiration dates highlighted 3 months prior to expiration
    • Construction deadlines highlighted 3 months prior to deadline
  • Download Google Earth path profiles for
    • PCNs
    • Applications
    • Licensed Paths
  • Access to path data for PCNs, Applications and Licenses
    • Path data sheets
    • Downloadable Excel files
  • Review of Expiration Dates and Construction Deadlines
    • Never miss a buildout deadline or license renewal
    • If a deadline expires within 2 weeks we will notify you by phone

To subscribe or discuss these services further please contact Jeremy Boyce.
Telephone: 972-422-7200 x108