Earth Station - FCC Form 312

The FCC requires all earth stations that transmit to be licensed and frequency coordination is required for earth stations that share frequency bands with Part 101 point-to-point microwave users.

Micronet Communications can help you obtain your earth station license for your transmit/receive, transmit only or receive only earth station by filling out and submitting the 312 form to the FCC International Bureau and by conducting interference analysis and frequency coordination when necessary. We’ve been performing earth station coordination studies for over 30 years and use the current industry standards in our proprietary interference analysis programs to analyze up to date coordinated links, licenses and applications that could affect or be affected by your earth station. We strive to meet the operational requirements of our clients whether that is a limited or full satellite arc or a single transponder all the way up to the full transponder list.

If you would like Micronet to study your earth station or submit a 312 application for you, please download our  Earth Station information sheet. If you have any questions about anything on the form, or have it completed, please email us at and we will be happy to help you.

Band Low RX High RX Low TX High TX
C 3.700 4.200 5.925 6.425
Non-Geo 10.7 11.7 12.75 13.15
Non-Geo 13.2125 13.25 13.75 14
Ku 11.7 12.2 14.0 14.5
Ka 18.3 18.8 28.35 28.6
Ka 19.7 20.2 29.25 30