Frequency Coordination of Temporary Earth Stations

The FCC requires a nationwide license for Temporary Fixed Earth Station Operations and for C- band uplinks interference analysis and frequency coordination are required. Micronet Communications can provide the required C-band coordination and can help with the FCC application preparation for both C and Ku-band licenses.

Micronet Communications uses the latest industry guidelines in our effort to clear the maximum number of transponders for our Temporary Fixed Earth Station clients. At the end of this analysis a summary report will highlight the transponders blocked due to interference and show you what transponders are clear to be booked. This service is done in an expedited manner because we understand this industry can be fast paced.

If there is too much frequency congestion in the area to obtain the desired transponder, Micronet can use several different options to try to clear additional transponder space, and all options are discussed with the client as the need arises.

Web-Based Tracking Service

Micronet also provides a free web-based service allowing our clients to track their active coordinations (PCNs) as well as a history of their previous PCNs. Additionally, we provide a link to the transponder report so that you do not have to maintain your own database. Our webpage has all the information you need in one place, only accessible by username and password to ensure the confidentiality of your business.